Myself when I was 17, having good skin days

My current skin condition

Redness, Irritating, Acne, Major oiliness, dehydrated, congested, sensitive, unhealthy

The Pursuit of Normalness

Welcome to my blog. Call me Cloud. This blog is my pursuit of getting normal skin. Since I was 11 years old, I have had bad acne. When I was 13 I was introduced to something called Benzyl Peroxide, and guess what, it worked absolute wonders on my skin. About 4 months into using it, I had the best facial skin of my life, and you can really tell the difference the way people talk to you.

What do I mean by that? I mean I wasn’t getting remarks on being spotty, being a “sugar-puff face”, and my general internal and external shape was vastly improved. I started getting girlfriends and I enjoyed social life, something I had never done because of my face (that is why I am actually a gaming nerd).

About a year of this happiness, spots started to come back. I got complacent and stopped using Benzyl Peroxide (BP), and I knew I had to start using it again. This time however, I absolutely lathered it on my face. I mean, almost half a tube a go. Within two days, my face was absolutely burning and it was destroyed. It was red, irritable, very oily, and just looks unhealthy and damaged.

To this day, 11 years later (I am now 23), I STILL have the terrible skin. It is not the acne I am concerned about anymore, it’s the other hell that I have been experience most of my life. The thing is, my skin condition is so random. It is always red and unhealthy yes, but sometimes it can be devastatingly bad compared to other days, and I really don’t know what to do anymore.

My social life is ruined. I have not had a girlfriend (or even sex!) for the last three years. I can no longer connect with anybody, because in my mind I say to myself “please go away, I don’t want you to see me”. My confidence, social skills, motivation and quality of life is being destroyed because of my face, and I have had enough. I have kept it to myself for all these years, just keeping it inside and trying to individually sort it out (I am a very proud person of my independence), and I cannot go on anymore.

I need answers, I need a solution. I have wasted literally thousands of pounds on products, and i just can’t seem to find anything to cure my issue, and this is the difficult part, I have no idea what to do. I am lost.

I have been to three Dermalogica dermatologists. All three mention different opinions. The first said I have “congested, irritated skin”, the second said I had “sensitive skin”, and the third said I had “congested, dehydrated skin”.

So I have created this blog and I will post daily pictures of my face (this is difficult for me to do, but I have to do it), and hopefully it will show my problem to someone, anyone out there who can say “You have this, 100%, do this”. I will love that person forever if it solves my face.

Please, look at my pictures, and help me. I challenge anyone out there to tell me what I have and be right. I believe no one has this problem. I will post about twelve pictures a day (six for morning, six for afternoon). The reason is because my face is best in the morning, when I just wake up. Then throughout the day, it gets constantly destroyed and irritated. And it is so irritating, I have to wet my fingers and rub the irritated areas of my face.

Please enjoy my blog, but also help. Thank you for visiting.


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